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Nuusbrief – April 2018

Soos ons die einde van April nader, kyk ons graag terug na ‘n interessante eerste derde van 2018, nie net het ekonomiese omstandighede verander nie, maar duidelike veranderinge vind plaas in die finansiële sektor en uitdagings ontstaan.
Ons is almal wel bekend met die BTW koers wat ‘n groot impak gemaak het op die alledaagse, asook die besigheidsektor. Graag deel ons daardeur, dat ons die Burger & Vorster Groep genader het as Professionele Rekenmeesters en Ouditeure as ‘n affiliaal wat sodoende ons kliënte landswyd diens. Kontak besonderhede kan verkry word op die Andcore webwerf: http://www.andcore.co.za/aboutus/burger-vorster
Ons kan met volle vertroue bevestig dat die Burger & Vorster Groep al sy kliënte met deursigtigheid en deernis hanteer. ‘n Ware “Believing in the Impossible” affiliaal.
Van die os op die jas, die ekonomiese uitdagings in vandag se era kan soms oorweldigend voel. Wat u as ons kliënt moet weet: Is dat die Andcore Groep daar is om die positiewe verskil te wees tussen ‘n klomp veranderlikes. Daarom deel ons ook graag die feit dat ons in die komende paar weke ‘n finansiële diens, soos beloof, gaan aanbied wat u, as gewaardeerde kliënt, ‘n positiewe veranderlike gaan maak, in ‘n wêreld wat net negatiewe veranderlikes wil raaksien.
Ons korttermynversekering wenk v ir April 2018: • Huisinhoud versekering is die hartklop van ‘n persoonlike polis: onthou dat sentiment nie vervang kan word nie, maar die naasbeste besitting kan wel gekoop word.
• Sake-onderbreking-versekering word geïmplementeer wanneer onvoorsiene omstandighede ‘n besigheid op sy knieë dwing. Die versekerbare waarde is van uiterste belang! Verskaf u nuutste finansiële state aan u adviseur, sodat die nodige veranderinge, van uiterste belang BTW ingesluit, aangebring kan word.
Die Potchefstroom tak wil graag alle kliënte nooi om met ons die nodige positiewe verskil gesprek te voer. Ons bied graag iets te drinke aan.
Ons sien uit daarna om ons kliënte, oud en nuut, te verwelkom. Indien u enige advies benodig, is u meer as welkom om my of u adviseur te bel.

Newsletter – April 2018

As we approach the end of April, we are excited to be looking at an interesting first-third of 2018, not only with changing economic conditions, but also clear changes taking place in the financial sector and challenges brought to the surface.
We are all familiar with the VAT rate that has made the biggest impact on the everyday and business sectors. In this regard, we would like to share that we have approached the Burger & Vorster Group who are Professional Accountants & Auditors to affiliate with us. They will gladly service our clients nationwide, contact details can be obtained on the Andcore website: http://www.andcore.co.za/aboutus/burger-vorster  
We can confidently state that the Burger & Vorster Group treats all its clients with transparency and empathy. A true “Believing in the Impossible” affiliate.
For the past we months our attention was on the economic challenges in today’s era which can sometimes seem to be overwhelming. What you, as our client, need to know is that the Andcore Group is available and ready to be the positive difference between a lot of variables, we’d love to share the fact that in the next couple of weeks, we will be offering a financial service such as promised to you, that will make you as our valued client a positive variable in a negative world.
Our short-term insurance tip for April 2018:
• Household insurance is the heartbeat of a personal policy, remember sentiment cannot be replaced, but the second-best possession can be bought . • Business interruption insurance is implemented when unseen circumstances forces a business to its knees, the insurable value is vital! Provide your latest financial statements to your adviser to ensure the necessary changes, including VAT, can be made.
The Potchefstroom office would like to invite all clients to visit us, we will gladly offer something to drink and give the much-needed positive difference conversation.
We look forward to welcoming our clients, old and new. If any advice is required, you are more than welcome to call me or your adviser.

The Red Shirt Golf Club

Andcore Brokers North-West had the huge privilege to be part of this magnificent Charity Golf days, as a donator. A Golf Club that was established to give back and mean something more than the ordinary, their slogan says it all: “When we play, charity wins” We really want to express our gratitude to every donator, organizer, players and all the directors that gave us the opportunity to become part of this amazing events. We look forward to next year;doing even more!

For more information about The Red Shirt Golf Club, please visit their website at: http://www.theredshirtsgolfclub.com/. We will be posting some pictures of the two Golf days. To the two lovely ladies from Spotlight Agency: Thank you for your wonderful service and professionality, we look forward to working with both of you in the future. To the winner of the complimentary Johnny Walker Blue Label, we trust you and your friends enjoyed it!

To Our Highly Appreciated Clients

2017 is coming to an end, we will firstly like to thank you for trusting us and standing by us through all the changes in our company, the process is only starting to give you as our highly regarded client a more efficient service in all the financial sectors. For those clients, partners and beloved friends that left us by trading the temporary for the everlasting, where we as your Financial Advisor/Short-Term Insurance Broker will stand by you every step of the way; in the ‘Your one of a Kind’ way.

May you and your family have a wonderful and blessed festive season! For those who will be travelling, may you have a safe trip to your destination and back home.“The Love of a Family is Life’s Greatest Blessing.”

Andcore Greetings!!